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Bacon Pancake Sandwiches


Bacon Pancake Sandwiches by Michelle Tam

I know what you’re thinking: BACON? PANCAKE? SANDWICHES? All are clichés in the Paleo food world (and let’s not kid ourselves: they’re certainly not health food), but there are reasons why they’re so popular:

Bacon and pancakes are mind-bendingly delicious, and who doesn’t like eating with their hands?

Bacon Pancake Sandwiches by Michelle Tam

So yes: I’m totally pandering to the masses (and my own taste buds) with this recipe.

But that’s not all: I’m also posting because I NEED YOUR HELP. Our Nom Nom Paleo iPad app is the only Paleo nominee for a prestigious Webby Award (yay!), and voting is closing soon (on April 24). We’re up against the formidable Jamie Oliver app, and we’re neck-and-neck with the celebrity chef. His PR machine has been mobilizing his legions of fans to vote, so to avoid getting creamed, I need to do the same! If you haven’t already cast a ballot, and if you dig what you see on Nom Nom Paleo, please do me a solid: go vote and share this link ( with your pals! Thanks in advance, Nomsters!


Now, where was I? Oh, yeah: Bacon + Pancakes + Sandwich = Paleo Kryptonite.

Bacon Pancake Sandwiches by Michelle Tam

I don’t post recipes for treats very often, but when I do, I make sure they’re worth singing about

Get excited!

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